Operational capacity


      Total licensed capacity of 29.070 tons / year:

-    02 Waste incinerator syste capacity: 1,000 kg/h/incineration.The maximum capacity is 48 tons per day.

-    Dirty water and fluid wastes treatment system.Capacity 6m3/h. The maximum capacity is 144 m3/day and night.

-    Mercury light treatment system. Capacity 120 Kg/h.

-    Solidification and stabilization system. Capacity 1.500 kg/h.

-    Cask and packaging washing system. Capacity 350 kg/h.

-    Solvent treatment and recovery system. Capacity 500kg/h.

-    Disposed oil and oil-stained waste treatment system. Capacity 500kg/h.

-    Fuel oil recycling treatment. Capacity 750 kg/h.

-    Metal splitting and recovering system. Capacity 400 kg/h.

-    System of battery destruction and disposed lead recycling. Capacity 500 kg/h.

-    System of plastic, metal soaking, bleaching and washing. Capacity 1.500 kg/h.

-    System of electronic component dismantlement and pre-treatment . Capacity 500 kg/h.

      More than 370 hazardous waste codes are collected, transported, and handled.

     Allowed operation scope:

-    Northern Mountainous Region

-    Red River Delta

-    North Central and Central Coastline

-    Central Highland

-    Southeast

-    Mekong Delta

     62 special-purpose vehicles of all sorts are used for transporting the hazardous wastes