Operational policy

Quality policies


Safe transportation

“After Viet Xanh transports wastes of customers’ companies out of the plant, Viet Xanh undertakes to bear all responsibilities and ensure that the wastes will be treated till the last stage.”


Safe waste storage before treatment

The zone for storing wastes must be tiny, neat and ensure the waste will be classified clearly.


Treating wastes according to right process, supervising environment pollution

Treating wastes by always following requirements and regulations on the environment of the state of Vietnam carefully.


Labor protection

Viet Xanh Environment Company always considers the labor safety and health as the leading criteria. The Company established the Safety Department for the purposes of organizing and monitoring the safety during the activities. 


Rehearsal of fire fighting and prevention: safe production

Viet Xanh regularly organizes training session to raise the question of skilled workers, organizes the training on fire fighting, chemical spills and other environmental issues. Contribute to ensuring safety production and business activities.


Periodical environment supervision, protection commitment

Quarterly, the company will make a plan for periodical environment supervision and submit the report to the functional agency. Supervising the environment is to monitor the environment at the company and help the Company implement the commitments to environment protection.