Recycling wastes


Cask and packaging washing system

Function: Handling casks and packing which have hazardous wastes, and recycling them into new casks and packaging to be provided to the units which have the demand for use.


Solvent treatment and recovery system

Function: Treating the disposed solvents, recovering the clean solvents as a fuel for other manufacturing industries or for incineration.


Disposed oil and oil-stained waste treatment system

Function: Treating all sorts of disposed oil and lubricants, products stemming from oil or lubricants are provided for the units specializing in recycling or using as a fuel for incineration.


Fuel oil recycling treatment

Function: Treating plastic and disposed rubber, product is F.O oil. The fuel oil may be sold or used as a fuel for incineration and gas is used as a fuel for furnace, too.


Metal splitting and recovering system

Function: Treating disposed mud, and wastes which have mental; recovering and providing metal salt and original-state metals upon the demand of units.


System of battery destruction and disposed lead recycling

Function: Handling battery and selling wasted materials


System of plastic, metal soaking, bleaching and washing

Function: Bleaching and washing the sorts of wasted materials which have hazardous parts. The clean wasted materials will be sold..


System of electronic component dismantlement and pre-treatment

Function: The system’s functions are to handle, recover some precious metals in the disposed electronic wastes. The metal recovered in the form of metal powder or salt.