Environmental services

Waste treatment services

Collecting, transporting, storing, and treating (termination and recycling) industrial and hazardous wastes.      










When receiving requests from customers, with respect to new customers, Viet Xanh will appoint the technical assistant and business staff to make a survey with those customers and get the sample of waste for analysis. With respect to the customers who are proceeding contracts with Viet Xanh, the department of transportation and delivery will carry out the plans and perform the waste delivery together with the customers.

-  After the experiment department analyzes the samples of wastes of customers, they will provide the measure for treatment, based on the priority to the waste recycling to propose the measure for handling the wastes in response to the present systems of Viet Xanh Company.

-  The business department will aggregate information based on the treatment measure of the experiment unit and will provide a proper price list for customers.

-  When the unit price and terms are agreed, the business department will perform the contract with customers. The transport and delivery department will make a plan for delivering wastes for customers.

-  The wastes after collected out of the plant of customers will be carefully monitored via special-purpose SEAL for entire transportation route which is supervised through GPS navigation device. All materials regarding delivery will be stored for report.

-  After the wastes are gathered at the warehouse of Viet Xanh Company, they will be stored for a time. After that, the manufacturing department will make a plan for treatment and treatment measure according to the agreed measure.

-  After the wastes are handled, Viet Xanh will announce the completion of treating wastes with customers via the confirmation signature on documents regarding the hazardous wastes or the completion announcement. 


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